Structural Steel was fun but mechanical seems to be where ive made my home. 

Mechanical Engineering Projects -- Historical Stuff


Advertising goodies

Initiators For Non Electric (nonel) Shock Tube Initiation



Barrday Flyers

Breacher (Worlds First Tactical Bot)





Command deck Stuff


Crimpers for Blasting caps Special forces TAC tool


Vacuum Table  for Fabricating Composite Armor (Leopard tank . Stryker Vehicle)
(New procedure created thermal pressure , halving 4 hour heat cycle)

Vacuum Table for Armor Fabrication (ceramic)

Patented (single line) Hook and Line (now copied around the world)


Hot Stic Remote Robotic  Manipulator


Toycen Created  EOD and Swat Robots (Ip network 1994-1996)


Merlin Robot


Predator Robot


Needs System (Explosive Breaching (entry) System

Bang Stick Flash Bang entry system (Stun Grenades)


Pipe Bomb Decapper ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms)

Bomb Bag (VCV) Images  (Movie)


Nabco Tech Saver (a robotic crane for your bomb bucket)


Merlin Boards


2007 TI Inc Poster Calendar


Dragoon Number 1 86 feet 1926

Dave (hollywood) Hannam

Dragoon Number 2, 45 Foot Glass, 1995

Bow Dragoon 3

Similar to Dragoon Number 3 48 foot Steel to be completed 2010

Dragoon1, 2 and a glimpse of Dragoon 3 (not relevant to EOD but toys none the less)

Just for fun

2005 to 2010 Changed industry
Then i discovered the Tool grinder Industry in north America Needed help big time. !

2007-2008 Sharpened 60,000 ish Tools for Boeing Canada
Every time the equipment we had didnt work I worked on our design
2009 Negotiated a contract for the use of the name,
 CUTTERMASTER Professional 2010-2015

Lets start with a big guy , kinda cool Tool grinders liked it
Too Hard to build , too complicated for the average machine shop.

Cool Machine but I Think I missed the mark !

Cuttermaster Professional CMX


(2 years later)

Cuttermaster Professional 2017 
(This one should fly out of the shop)

Very Producible 150 pounds lighter easier for most shops to understand.


Spring 2017 lineup of cool toys for machinists